Gsc - Girl Scout Cookies

Plant Type: I

Time of Day: E

  • Durban Poison crossed with OG Kush.

  • Sweet and minty-earthy fragrance.

  • Nugs are various shades of green that are accentuated with a dark purple tint and orange hairs. It has dark leaves and extremely long, thick, wine-red petioles, or leaf stems, that are actually longer than the leaf is in length.

  • Starts with an immediate mentally stimulating head high that triggers motivation and euphoria followed by a very relaxing full-body high. The uplifting high often has the effect of inducing creative and dissociated thoughts and experiences, making this strain pleasurable and enjoyable. A truly psychedelic and trance-like state can be experienced at higher doses, so many prefer this strain for creative work and meditation.


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