707-Hb 707 Headband

Plant Type: I

Time of Day: E

  • Developed in California’s Humboldt County (the 707 refers to the area code), 707 Headband is a Sour Diesel/OG Kush cross, backcrossed with Master Kush.

  • The aroma offers a grassy, pine scent mixed with a fresh, citrusy fragrance.

  • The flowers appear as light, green, dense, frosty buds. Once mature, the flower will display a covering of orange hairs.

  • The name “Headband” is used to describe the affect is has. Some say it hits you with the feeling of wearing a headband as it is felt instantly behind the eyes and across the forehead.  This strain brings forth both the cerebral, energetic head buzz of a Sativa, and Indica’s vast physical high.  While it offers a euphoric head high, the overall experience is more laid back and mild.


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