What is the potency of the oil?

Each batch of Voyage Cannabis Oil is tested and results are labeled. As a natural product, the cannabinoid content will vary between batches. THC content generally ranges from 700-900 mg/gram of oil. Voyage Epic is a CO2 distillate oil with a high THC content generally ranging from 68% - 80%.

Voyage CO2 oil is never cut or mixed with anything that could diminish its potency. The end result is a product that is 100% pure, clean CO2 extracted cannabis oil. 

How long does a cartridge last?

Voyage cartridges are sold in sizes of ½ gram or 1 gram in volume. A ½ cartridge will provide on average ~200 puffs. You can expect twice that for a 1 gram cartridge. How long it actually lasts depends on the user.

Can I refill a cartridge?

While it can be done, we do not recommend refilling Voyage cartridges. The cartridges are intended for use until the oil is consumed. We cannot guarantee the quality of any cartridges that have been refilled. 

Will temperature affect my cartridge?

Yes. Be sure to keep your cartridge out of direct sunlight and do not leave in your car on warm days. Voyage Oil should be stored in an airtight container in a cool dark area for best results and longest shelf life.

Why does the oil change color?

It is normal for the oil to darken as it is repeatedly heated and cooled. Just like a joint that is lit multiple times, the color and the taste will change over time. Our cartridges are best consumed within a 30 day period once ignited.

How can I get the maximum use out of a cartridge?

When you are unable to pull more oil, but you can see more inside, you can cut the cartridge open with  sharp scissors and either scrape out what is left and dab it or add it as a bowl topper to your flower. It is sticky, so be prepared.

How should I store my cartridge?

Always store your unused cartridges TIP DOWN in a cool, dry place. Once ignited, always keep your device and cartridge in an upright position (TIP UP). We suggest placing in a cup/mug. Do not leave your cartridge exposed in places where it will be subjected to extreme temperatures, such as your car or a windowsill.

Never put a cartridge attached to a battery into your pants pocket. If you put it in your handbag, be sure to remove the cartridge or ensure the battery is in the off position. We strongly recommend keeping your device and cartridge in a case.


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