Valentine’s Day is coming up and for many couples that means a night spent together in the bedroom. If you’re looking to spice things up this year, you might even be thinking about testing whether cannabis’ aphrodisiac reputation is really worth all the hype.

The idea that cannabis makes sex better is a very, very old one. Marijuana has been considered an aphrodisiac in cultures around the world for centuries. But what do we actually know about marijuana and sex? Does it actually make sex better? Will it really increase sex drive? Even though scientific research on cannabis is far from complete, we do have some answers on the subject.

We’ll spend the rest of this article addressing some of the most common questions asked about marijuana and its effects on sex. If the idea of speaking bluntly and scientifically about sex and the body parts involved freaks you out, consider this sentence your trigger warning. For everyone else, let’s get started!

Does cannabis increase sex drive?

A recent study conducted by Stanford University looked at survey results from over 50,000 Americans who participated in the CDC’s National Survey of Family Growth. In the survey, people were asked how often they use marijuana and how often they had sex. Respondents who used cannabis regularly had sex up to 20% more than non-users.

As the saying goes, correlation does not mean causation. This study doesn’t exactly prove that cannabis increases sex drive. But one thing it shows for sure is that cannabis users have more sex on average.

Does marijuana make orgasms better?

Recently, all sorts of new cannabis infused personal lubricants and oils have been released that claim to help increase sexual arousal and orgasm. And there is some science behind these claims. Cannabis has been shown to increase heart rate and blood flow, which means it can increase blood flow to erogenous zones as well.

This is great news for women. It isn’t exactly a secret that most ladies have a harder time orgasming than men. Using cannabis as a natural pleasure enhancer could help women achieve orgasm on a more consistent basis. That’s a future we can all look forward to.

Does pot make men finish during sex faster?

Okay, so if cannabis can help women orgasm more will it also make men orgasm faster? The jury is still very much out on this question. There are multiple research studies on the subject that contradict each other.

In an Australian study, researchers looked at men between the ages of 16-64 who reportedly consumed cannabis. According to their results, men who consumed weed everyday were three times as likely to prematurely ejaculate. But the same study said that another group of daily cannabis consumers had a problem reaching climax at all.

We do know that cannabis can heighten our senses and sexual sensitivity. The same increased sensitivity that can be so beneficial to women in bed can also make men orgasm faster than either party intended. But men, remember, it’s not necessarily about the duration so much as it is about how you use your time.

Will cannabis make me lazy in bed?

This question is born out of the “lazy stoner” stereotype. The answer is easy: not if you choose the right product. First and foremost, using cannabis topicals in bed won’t produce any sort of psychoactive effects that could lead to laziness. And if you smoke or vape before sex, it all comes down to the strain you choose.

If you’re worried about giving your sexual partner a lazy performance, try a high flying sativa strain before sex. Sticking with a sativa will give you a nice head high and energy, without the body high typical of most indicas. If you smoke an intense indica before sex, you may end up a bit more subdued in the bed. But that doesn’t have to necessarily be a bad thing. Slowing things down in the bedroom may be a nice change of pace for you and your partner.

Does “cotton mouth” affect other body parts?

This is an excellent question with a pretty unfortunate answer. If you’ve ever consumed cannabis then you have probably experienced the uncomfortable dry mouth sensation that follows a joint or a dab. Stoners have come to affectionately call this “cotton mouth” and it can affect other parts of the body, including the vagina.

Dryness in the mouth and other areas happens when mucous membranes temporarily dry up. Researchers haven’t quite pinpointed why cannabis seems to cause this, but there are some easy solutions. First, it’s key to stay hydrated before and after cannabis consumption. Second, avoid strains and products that give you dry mouth. This list is different for everyone and will take some trial and error, but if you keep a running tab of products to avoid then you’ll lower your risk of getting dry [insert body part here].

If you find yourself in a sexy situation and dryness occurs, there’s one foolproof solution: lube. Whether you try a cannabis infused personal lubricant or a normal one right off the shelf of your local drug store, this can be the easiest solution if your body starts acting like the Sahara Desert.

Does cannabis lower testosterone production?

A study done by the Reproductive Biology Research Foundation found that cannabis can, indeed, decrease testosterone production. Testosterone is a steroid hormone most associated with males and lowered testosterone production can mean lowered sperm production, muscle mass, and sex drive.

But don’t be too alarmed by this answer. Researchers said that the decrease in testosterone for daily cannabis users is pretty minimal. And even if testosterone levels do decrease because of cannabis, researchers say they can simply abstain from cannabis and testosterone levels will eventually go back to normal.

What types of cannabis strains should I try before sex?

As we discussed earlier, having a good experience with cannabis and sex is all about using the right products and strains. There are plenty of amazing topical brands that create lubricants for sexual pleasure. If you want to vape before sex, here are some Voyage strains to try that could liven up your time in the bedroom.

Voyage’s Golden Goat


This lemony strain tastes amazing and gives a long-lasting, balanced high that is perfect for relieving feelings of anxiety in the bedroom. You will experience happy, positive, and uplifting effects that strike the perfect balance between relaxation and mental stimulation. You’ll head into bed with your partner carefree and ready for fun.

Voyage’s Blue Widow


This strain is a great option for cannabis beginners and those who are integrating cannabis into their sexual activity for the first time. It’s a nice, mellow strain that has a slow onset so you won’t feel overwhelmed by the high all at once. Blue Widow creates a happy and euphoric high that eventually leads to a nice, relaxed body high that won’t put you to sleep. Use this strain for a night of romance and taking it slow.

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Tricia Cleppe is a freelance cannabis content strategist and writer. She previously worked as Senior Manager of Marketing for New Frontier Data, a leading cannabis data & analytics firm. She began her career in cannabis as a Digital Strategist for the LA-based cannabis non-profit Spark The Conversation, on whose board she sits.